IMG Training Programmes

Based on the Training Need Assessment conducted by the SUIIT, various training programmes are designed in association with IMG Thiruvananthapuram. As a part of State Training Policy the IMG conducts training programmes as designed by the institute. It is conducted at IMG Trivandrum and at other regional centers of IMG at Kochi and Kozhikode. The institute deputes the department officials for such training and monitors all such training programmes conducted by IMG.

IMG Training Programmes
Sl. No. Name of course Target Group
1 Soft Skill Development Program Instructional/Supervisory Staff
2 Financial Management program for newly promoted/existing supervisory staff Newly promoted/existing supervisory staff
3 Training on finance management to Ministerial Staff New recruits/existing Clerks, Senior Clerks
4 Training on counseling and mentoring Women Employees(Principals, group Instructor)
5 Supervisory development Programme Newly Promoted /existing supervisory Staff
6 Survey and Evaluation of Appr. Training TO/VP/JAA(T)/JAA(NT)/GI
7 Induction Training for Instructional Staff Junior Instructor/Senior Instructor
8 Refresher training for Senior faculties and Supervisors GI/JAA/JS/SS/VP
9 Training Programme for Last Grade Servants Last Grade Servants
10 Training Programme on Disciplinary Procedures HC,JS,SS,VP and Principals
11 Training Programme on Entrepreneurship Instructional Staff/OIC/Social Studies Instructors
12 Intensive Training on Store Purchase Manual All Ministerial Staff,GIs,VP and Principals
13 Training for Store Officials SK,ASK, Sr. Last grade servant
14 Noting and Drafting Clerks, senior GIs,VP
15 Advanced Computer Training All staff
16 Training on Data base Management All Staff
17 Training on e-Governance All Supervisory Staff
18 Refresher Training on Service Rule for LDC/UDC Clerks /Senior Clerks
19 Preparation of training materials Instructors
20 Refresher training to typists Typists
21 Refresher training to Workshop Attender Work shop attenders
22 Soft skill development programme for master trainers Master trainer
23 Training On Database Management Systems (MS Access) All Staff
24 Induction Training on Malayalam software (computer) Supervisory Staff


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